Arlingwood Park

  • 1537 Mill Creek Rd.
  • Jacksonville, Florida 32211
  • Phone: 904-630-2489
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Acres: 2.6 Arlingwood Park features multiple playground areas as well as a paved walkway. History: Arlingwood Park is located in the Arlington section of east Jacksonville, at the corner of Mill Creek and Lone Star Roads. After Humphreys Gold Corporation mined much of the area, Duval County purchased the park property in 1953. During the next sixteen years, the Arlingwood neighborhood was developed west of the park, which opened sometime between 1956 and 1965 and contained a softball field. The Arlingwood Civic Association built a community center adjacent to the site, and the City added two tennis courts to the park around 1971. First Coast Auto Racers, Inc. established a facility for model, radio- controlled car racing at the park in 1989, on both clay and concrete tracks, and continued operations until 2003. Following input from the area’s residents and preparation of a master plan, the City rebuilt the portion of the park east of the tennis courts. This one-year improvement project was completed in June 2005.