Blu By U

  • 5571 Long Branch Road
  • Jacksonville, Florida 32234
  • Phone: 904-465-1811
  • Price Range: $ - $15 or less

We are a you pick blueberry farm with more to do! We started out as just a bunch of blueberries, but we are striving to do more and more at the farm, we now have 2 Jerusalem Donkey's, the male is "Dasher" and the female is "Dancer". We also have "Maggie's Butterfly Garden," Plenty of chickens and some ducks, and two female goats "Willow and Tulip" you will be able to see when you come out. After our 2019 Blueberry season is complete we will be installing a hydroponics system to be able to house 5,000 strawberry plants that should produce in Spring 2020.