Blue Cypress Park

  • 4112 University Blvd. North,
  • Jacksonville, Florida 32277
  • Phone: 904-745-5466
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Acres: 119.8 This multi-faceted facility includes a number of amenities for sports and athletics along with many recreational features including a community center. The city-owned park named Blue Cypress in the Arlington section of Jacksonville, was at one time a local 18-hole golf course for the Edenfield River Estates development. Because the park is located in an environmentally sensitive area, plans were developed to reduce the course to a 9-hole golf course and use the remaining area for a natural, resourced-based public outdoor recreation site. The original facilities include a community center (former clubhouse) and swimming pool, golf course and tennis courts. In July 2001 the fishing dock, and a boardwalk along the St. Johns River were completed. In 2003 the 9 hole golf course opened. In 2004, soccer fields, trails, tennis courts and a concession restroom building were added.