Brookview Elementary School Park

  • 10441 McAleer Road
  • Jacksonville, Florida 32246
  • Phone: 904-565-2720
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Acres: 7.2 Duval County Public Schools and the City of Jacksonville have a joint-use agreement for allowing public use of the park. History: Brookview Elementary School Park is located in southeast Jacksonville, just east of the Brookview subdivision that was platted in 1953. After purchasing a 14.6-acre tract in 1957, the Board of Public Instruction constructed a school on the north portion of the property in 1962. Duval County soon leased the south portion for use as a playground, which contained play equipment and a baseball field. Eventually a basketball court and two baseball/softball fields were added, and the park became home to the Arlington East Athletic Association, which organized as a Florida nonprofit corporation in 1982. The Association plays its youth baseball, softball, and T-ball games at the park, and has built several of the amenities, including the restroom/concession building and the picnic pavilion. To insure access for both students and the general public, the City and the School Board have signed a Joint-Use Agreement for the park.