Darby's Dungeon

  • 14185 Beach Boulevard, Ste 1A
  • Jacksonville, Florida 32250
  • Phone: 904-368-6660
  • Price Range:

Darby's Dungeon is a tabletop gaming lounge based in Jacksonville. We specialize in open game play on premises. The bulk of our 1,500 SF space is dedicated to playing board games, tabletop role playing games, and trading card games onsite. The Dungeon offers a wide selection of ready to play games in our game library, including miniatures, dice, maps, and source books to help enhance your gaming experience. 

Darby's Dungeon also sells a variety of games, gaming accessories, beverages, and services. Our beverages include local craft beers, wine, coffee, and sodas. Additionally, the Dungeon offers workshops teaching individuals how to play various tabletop, board, and trading card games. We, at the Dungeon, love tabletop gaming and look forward to the opportunity to spread that love to Jacksonville.