Jasmine Park

  • 4030 College St.
  • Jacksonville, Florida 32205
  • Phone: 904-630-2489
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Acres: 0.24 History: Jasmine Park resides in the Murray Hill section of Jacksonville, northwest of the Post Street and Edgewood Avenue intersection. Many of the streets in the area, such as Cassat Avenue and Challen Avenue, are named after investors in the Edgewood Company that platted Edgewood in the 1880’s. A developer replatted the northern section of Edgewood as Murray Hill Heights in 1907, a small portion of which was replatted in 1925 as Jasmine Place. From 1916 until its annexation by the City of Jacksonville in 1925, Murray Hill was a separate town. The City purchased the lots for creation of the park in 1928, making it one of the older municipal parks. With two benches and abundant trees, this small park provides an attractive setting for the relaxation and visual enjoyment of area residents.