North Florida Divers

  • 11740 Wordsworth Court
  • Jacksonville, Florida 32223
  • Phone: 904-537-5731
  • Price Range: $$$$ $45 or more

Special price for Basic Certification Course. Check us out!!! Welcome to the adventure of a life time where a new world awaits you. Here at North Florida Divers we offer Scuba lessons to give you the passport to the underwater world. Here, you will take pride earning your scuba certification. We are all about making scuba diving fun and safe ! Located in Jacksonville, Florida we provide customized scuba classes. Our primary training agency is NAUI. However, we offer PADI and NASE upon request. We feel NAUI is the most comprehensive training available. We specialize in basic scuba course certifications through technical scuba certifications for those who want to take it deeper. We also offer one of the only NAUI Instructor training programs in Jackonville, Florida. We are all about making diving fun and safe while giving you the most comprehensive scuba training in the Jacksonville and St. Augustine area. At North Florida Divers we pride ourselves in offering scuba training for those who are physically challenged. These courses are designed to meet the needs of each individual student which is taught through the Handicapped Scuba Association. Besides the training, we offer bi-monthly dive trips across Florida. We dive some of the best places from Jacksonville to the Keys. Please check our calendar for upcoming trips. We also offer special discounts on scuba certifications on these trips. Subscribe to our News Letter for trip updates Come visit our site and see why North Florida Divers in Jacksonville and in St. Augustine, Florida stands out above the rest. You will find our prices are affordable and our classes are small. What makes us different? We focus on you, the student, not retail sales !