St. Johns River Ferry

  • 4675 Ocean Street
  • Jacksonville, Florida 32233
  • Phone: 904-241-9969
  • Fax: 904-241-2075
  • Price Range:

The St. Johns River Ferry is a car and passenger ferry that connects the north and south ends of Florida State Road A1A in Duval County, linking Mayport Village and Fort George Island via a pleasant sail across the St. Johns River.
The 0.9 mile voyage crosses the St. Johns River 2.5 miles inland of the river’s mouth and departs every half hour.
Thank you for riding the St. Johns River Ferry! By doing so, you are helping to ensure the continued long-term operation of this important river crossing. The success of the ferry depends on ridership. Please ask your friends to ride the ferry as well, because every person counts!