The Dinner Detective

  • 245 Water Street
  • Jacksonville, Florida 32202
  • Phone: 866-496-0535
  • Hours: Depends on show times
  • Price Range: $$$$ $45 or more

The Dinner Detective Murder Mystery Dinner Show was founded on three simple ideas: To create a show with intriguing scenarios, to offer a show with challenging mysteries and to perform a show with true-to-life dialogue. Our performers are dressed just like everyone else, leaving all of the guests to suspect who is a part of the show and who is not! All scripts are based on actual cold cases and are created in house. From the get go, the guests are seated with the performers and may not even realize it until they die... the performers, that is! Our Detectives enter the room, proceed to interrogate guests, find clues and start the investigation. This allows our guests to socialize with and interrogate each other, while deciphering real life-based clues. At the end of the night, prizes are awarded to the Top Sleuth who solves the crime! We specialize in everything from Fortune 500 company parties to individuals celebrating their birthdays and anniversaries.