A city with more than 1,110 miles of interior shoreline is a prime location for freshwater, saltwater, deep sea, and fly fishing.

Get ready to reel in a big one! In Jax, our ponds, lakes, creeks, river, beaches and tidewaters offer superb fishing few other regions in America can hope to match.

Drop a line at one of Jacksonville’s premier fresh or saltwater fishing spots. Take a ride with a deep sea or backwater fishing expert or enjoy convenient fishing access from the many piers, jetties, and bridges throughout Jacksonville.

Anglers love Jacksonville’s convenient water access and variety of fresh and saltwater fishing options. Fish Jacksonville’s riverfront shoreline, drop a line from a bridge or pier, or sail out from one of the many marinas dotting the shoreline. Adventurous anglers can charter a boat for unmatched deep-sea fishing or rent one if staying inland. The best way for newcomers to learn Jacksonville’s waters is to pair up with an expert fishing guide. Let the guide do the work and navigate to the best spots, while you enjoy pulling in a big one.

Jacksonville hosts several signature fishing contests. During February and March, The North East Florida Wahoo ShoutOut is the largest Wahoo fishing tournament in the world. Each March, hundreds of fishermen from all over the nation descend on Jacksonville for the El Cheapo Sheephead Tournament. Every July, The Greater Jacksonville Kingfish Tournament comes to town, with more than 500 boats fishing for hundreds of thousands of dollars in prizes. And in October, The Flounder Pounder tournament brings some of the best anglers in the Southeast to Jacksonville in search of the biggest flounder in the area.

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