Best Watersports: Diving

See the water through a different perspective and find a new appreciation for the ocean!

Arguably, the best way to experience the ocean and feel at one with it is to go diving in it! Jacksonville is home to more than 100 artificial reefs with dozens of colorful species of marine life off our Atlantic Coast shore. There are great local businesses to either lend out equipment, give lessons, and get you closer to unique local reefs and SeaLife.

If you’re a certified diver, then all you need is some equipment to get out there and start exploring. If not, then don’t fret!

Diving Charters and Equipment Rentals:

These businesses within the city make sure you have the best chance to see some ocean activity. You can learn the skills and techniques you need to become a diver here.

Unique Diving locations:

  • Spike Reef
  • Blackmar’s Reef
  • Coppedge Tug Wreck
  • The Nine Mile Reef

There is more information on these spots in or diving and fishing reefs blog, click HERE.