Cardinal Park

  • 4771 Cardinal Place
  • Jacksonville, Florida 32210
  • Phone: 904-255-7930
  • Price Range:

Acres: 0.3 History: Cardinal Park is located in the Lake Shore section of west Jacksonville between Cassat Avenue and Blanding Boulevard. Though development started in the 1920’s, Lake Shore’s real growth began in the 1940’s after the U.S. Naval Air Station opened in the area during World War II. The park resides in the Leon Terrace subdivision that was platted in 1947. Before being purchased by the City in 1971, Southern States Utilities owned the property and used it for a water pumping station. Originally planned for a tot lot, the site remained undeveloped until Cardinal Park opened in May 2003. The small, oblong tract, which takes its name from adjacent Cardinal Boulevard and Cardinal Place, was a welcome addition to the neighborhood and a fulfillment of the City’s intended purpose for the site.