Jacksonville Film History Tour

Before there was a Hollywood, there was a Jacksonville! "The World’s Winter Film Capital".

Follow along with these 17 stops on the Film Fun Fact tour.

Jacksonville was the original home to the winter silent film industry. At the turn of the century, the warm climate and access to the transcontinental rail lines made Duval the best place to make movies. The area was once home to over 30 film studios, follow our Film History Tour to experience lights, camera and action right here in Jacksonville!

17 Jacksonville Film History Fun Facts:

1. “Bouncing Baby,” a 1916 silent comedy, was filmed in Jacksonville and released in 1919. It is also the oldest film in the State Archives! The film is about a grown man who disguises himself as a baby with the help of his friend in order to steal from a wealthy family. The film includes sequences of a runaway baby carriage rolling down the street with the “baby” inside and a dramatic rooftop chase scene.

2. 1916 - Production company hired over a thousand local residents to film a mob scene, unfortunately a few in the crowd took their role too seriously, a real mob formed during the filming and spiraled out of control. It nearly destroyed a nearby saloon and a two-story building.

3. This is the location of a stunt scene of a high-speed chase down Main St that accidently splashed right into the St. Johns River!

4. Jacksonville native and best-selling author Brenda Jackson filmed her feature film “Truly Everlasting” here in Jacksonville in 2011.

5. The St. Johns river played a stand-in for the Amazon River in "Revenge of Creature", a sequel to "Creature from the Black Lagoon". A kidnap scene from "Revenge of Creature", a sequel to "Creature from the Black Lagoon" was filmed in a restaurant called Lobster House which was on the former site of River City Brewing Company. Photo from FL state archives.

6. Scenes from Emmy award winning HBO movie "Recount" was filmed here in the Riverplace Tower. Most of its scenes feature several Jacksonville locations including the Seawalk Pavilion, the Jacksonville Beach City Hall and the Prime Osborne Convention Center.

7. "The Gulf Between" filmed in 1917 in Jacksonville, was the first Technicolor motion picture ever made. It was the first feature-length color movie produced in the United States.

8. Home of American comic actor and one half of Laurel and Hardy, the double act that began in the era of silent films and lasted from 1927 to 1955. Hardy is largely considered one of the most popular comedians in American Movie History.

9. Opening shot for the film "The Waterboy" was filmed at the then Alltel Stadium (1998)

10. "Flying Aces" filmed by Norman Studios, appears to have dueling planes but is actually the same plane filmed at different angles. http://normanstudios.org/films-stars/norman-films/the-flying-ace/

11. Much of Demi Moore's 1997 drama "G.I Jane" was shot in Jacksonville. The Navy SEAL training scenes during Hell Week took place at Huguenot Memorial Park. You can still see the ships that provided the beach scene backdrops at Naval Station Mayport across from the park.

12. Samuel L. Jackson became a regular patron at Bistro Aix during the filming of "Basic"

13. Built in 1938, you don’t want to miss catching a showing at this historic landmark. The San Marco Theatre was recognized as one of the ten best classic cinemas in the USA.

14. This theatre first opened in 1927 as the Riverside Theatre. It was built in the Venetian style. Over the years the theatre has gone through many renovations. In the 1930s the theatre did close for a time and reopened in 1948 as the Five Points Theatre. It closed again from 1972-1977 until it reopened as the River City Playhouse. In 1991 it became Club5 and then in 2008 it was sold and renamed the 5 Points Theatre. In 2011 it became Sun-Ray Cinema.

15. Founded in 1916 in Jacksonville, FL as Eagle Film City and then purchased by Richard E. Norman in 1921, the Norman Studios was among the nation’s first to produce “race films” starring African American characters in positive, non-stereotypical roles. Today, Norman’s five-building studio complex survives in Jacksonville’s Old Arlington neighborhood. Our 501(c)3 organization is working to reunify, restore and reopen this historic complex as a thriving community, learning, research and tourism center.

16. "Veer" was filmed in 2010 in Jacksonville using local crew & cast members, the film even featured Kona Skatepark.

17. "Love Trap" was filmed on the campus of UNF by current professor and film director Frank B. Goodin II.