• The Jacksonville Sharks are members of the Arena Football League (AFL). The Arena Bowl XXIV and four-time South Division Champions.
    Sea Best Field

    Year-round football in Jacksonville.

    The Jacksonville Sharks are members of the Arena Football League (AFL). The Arena Bowl XXIV and four-time South Division Champions. Learn More

  • There's nothing like game day in Jax! Come see a Jaguars home game.
    Jacksonville Jaguars

    Get a piece of NFL action at EverBank Field

    There's nothing like game day in Jax! Come see a Jaguars home game. Learn More

  • Tennessee and Iowa battle for the trophy,  Friday, January 2, 2015 at EverBank Field.
    EverBank Field

    TaxSlayer Bowl Game

    Tennessee and Iowa battle for the trophy, Friday, January 2, 2015 at EverBank Field. Learn More

Spectator Sports

Northeast Florida is rich with sports tradition.

In 2005, Jacksonville took the international spotlight as host of Super Bowl XXXIX. Jacksonville also hosts national golf, tennis, basketball, soccer, arena football, and baseball events throughout the year. In January make plans to visit Jacksonville for the annual TaxSlayer Bowl. Originally named the Gator Bowl, it has been held continuously since 1946, making it the sixth oldest college bowl, as well as the first one ever televised nationally.

With a talent for tailgating and a passion for all sports, local residents have honed the art of the sports celebration and welcome visitors to partake in the fun. While football remains the undisputed king, Jacksonville expresses a love for the game - any game - with equal enthusiasm.

Check out our events calendar for all sporting events in our area.

Annual Jacksonville Sports Events:

TaxSlayer Bowl
THE PLAYERS Championship Golf
Web.com PGA Tour Championship
The Florida vs. Georgia Football Game

Catch A Game:
Jacksonville Jaguars
Jacksonville Suns
Jacksonville Sharks
Jacksonville Giants
Jacksonville Armada
Jacksonville Axemen
Jacksonville Dixie Blues
The Jacksonville Breeze

In The Spectator Sports Section

  • TaxSlayer Bowl

    TaxSlayer Bowl

    The TaxSlayer Bowl is an annual college football bowl game played with the an SEC Conference representative against an ACC/Big Ten/Notre Dame opponent at EverBank Field in Jacksonville, Florida every January.

  • Jacksonville Jaguars

    Jacksonville Jaguars

    If you love football, then you can’t miss a Jaguars home game at EverBank Field - now home to the world's largest scoreboards! When the Jaguars take the field, the whole city celebrates!

  • Jacksonville Suns

    Jacksonville Suns

    Bring the whole family to see The Jacksonville Suns AA team play at Bragan Field from April through August. There's fireworks displays every Friday night home game and big holiday celebrations for Memorial Day and July 4th.

  • Jacksonville Sharks

    Jacksonville Sharks

    Jacksonville Sharks' games are fast-paced, entertaining football! Join the crowd and feel the energy at a game at Veterans Memorial Arena.


TaxSlayer Bowl Game

Will You Be Tailgating in Jacksonville this January? Don't miss out on the action as Tennessee and Iowa battle for the trophy, Friday, January 2, 2015 at EverBank Field.

Learn More
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Jax Ale Trail

Love beer? Find out about Jax Ale Trail, featuring seven craft breweries, tours, and beer-related activities.

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