The Salt Life

Jacksonville has more shoreline than any other city in the nation with 1,100 miles of navigable water and 22 miles of relaxing beaches. Each beach has its own unique personality and flavor. Atlantic Beach is the quintessential Florida beach community with a vibrant dining and nightlife scene, fun beach dive bars, boutique resorts and friendly family atmosphere. Jacksonville Beach, where four avid watermen created the popular Salt Life brand in 2003, is a party destination with great nightlife, chain hotels and surf shops. Huguenot Park lets beachgoers drive on the sand and bring the party with them. Boneyard Beach at Big Talbot Island is a must-see with dozens of Live Oaks resting on the sand reminiscent of white skeletons. Jacksonville is Florida's best destination for riding your first wave! We are a cool surf town where you can join one of our many surf schools for a fun family experience like no other! So many miles of beaches, each one with a different vibe but all beautiful and unique to Jacksonville!