Kayaking in Jacksonville

Learn about local wildlife or take a romantic moonlight kayak ride.

Ocean, river, and creek kayaking are the best ways to see Jacksonville and its abundant wildlife. Choose from a variety of kayak tours, including romantic moonlight trips, urban excursions, or guided eco-tours of Jax's waterways.

Bring the kayak or rent one here. Guided kayak tours offer a variety of options for fitness, ecotourism, romance, and fishing. Choose from ocean kayaking, where you can catch a glimpse of dolphins, sea turtles, and cast a reel. Or glide through the exotic wilderness of Jacksonville’s surrounding creeks, rivers, and marshes on an eco-tour. For a different view of Downtown Jax, try an urban kayaking excursion on the St. Johns River with high-rise buildings and bridges as your backdrop.

Kayaking Resources: