Uncovering Jax

Uncovering Jax is a project of the University of North Florida, the Florida Times-Union and an advisory board of interested community members.

The content was created by University of North Florida Department of Communication students after consultation with the advisory board regarding important stories from Jacksonville’s history that had seldom been heard.

Norman Studios

Joseph Blodgett was a pioneer in the Jacksonville community, as well as the city's first black millionaire. Watch this short documentary to learn more about him, and visit www.uncoveringjax.com for more great stories from Jacksonville's rich history!

Kingsley Plantation is one of the state’s oldest plantations and was the home to an interracial couple, Zephaniah and Anna Kingsley, an African princess brought to the U.S. as a slave. Located on the northern tip of Fort George Island, the land where once rice and indigo sprouted, is now a park that is listed on the U.S. National Register of Historic Places. Find out more about this plantation and the fascinating couple who ran it.

Did you know that Asa Philip Randolph grew up in Jacksonville, FL? He was an extremely influential civil rights leader and trade unionist who was dedicated and persistent in the struggle for justice and parity for the black American community.

Brooklyn Gentrification - Learn about the history of Brooklyn in Jacksonville, and how recent gentrification has affected the area's oldest residents.