Bike Repair Shops

The best biking trails in Jacksonville range from paved and relaxing to sandy and difficult.

With all the biking trails located across Jacksonville in unique settings like Kathryn Abbey Hanna Park and the Talbot Islands or even at the Jacksonville-Baldwin Rail-Trail; you may find yourself in need of some bike resuscitation. Jacksonville has tons of bike repair shops, and have the scoop on all the best ones and favorites among our locals. Check out the list below to find one closest to you so you can get back on the bike!


Bird Legs Bicycles
1313 Beach Blvd.
Jacksonville Beach, FL 32250
Ph (904) 246-4433

JAX Valu Ebikes
48 W 6th St.
Atlantic Beach, FL 32233
Ph (904) 487-2015


Cycle Ace Bicycle Repair
1565 Howard Rd.
Jacksonville, FL 32218
Ph (904) 757-2453
Hours: Daily 9:00am-7:00pm


City Cycle
2740 Park St
Jacksonville, FL 32205
Ph (904) 356-2453


The Bicycle Clinic
8650 Old Kings Rd. S
Jacksonville, FL 32217
Ph (904) 422-1144


Endurance House Jax
3562 St. John’s Ave
Jacksonville, FL 32205
Ph (904) 374-4725


ZenCog Bicycle Company
883 Stockton St.
Jacksonville, FL 32204
Ph (904) 619-0496


Skids Bike & Brew
157 East 8th St.
Jacksonville, FL 32206
Ph (904) 586-6729
Hours: call for hours