Welcome To Jacksonville SEC Fans!

We can't wait to see you in sunny Jacksonville, Florida SEC College Football athletes and fans!

Gameday-November 2, 2019

Post Game Activities

Young and active, that is what Jacksonville is all about. We are a city of options and they all guarantee you will have a great time in our beautiful destination this week. We are here to help you during your time in Jacksonville, ask one of our locals for tips and suggestions or connect with us on social media.

Beaches, Galleries, etc.

We are the cool side of Florida and that is not referring to the weather! We have Florida’s youngest population and we take real pride in our local scene. We have 22-miles of relaxing, white-sand beaches. Jacksonville is a top 25 city for the arts in the nation and you can really see that in our beautiful museums, our great galleries, the local art walks and the murals all over town.

Ride and Reenergize

We are also the city of parks. Jacksonville has the largest urban park system in the nation, which means that no matter where you are, either downtown, at the beaches or at one of our historic neighborhoods, you are never more than 15 minutes away from the eco-adventure of a lifetime. Anything from paddleboarding, to kayaking, surfing, swimming, hiking, biking, birding… if it’s outdoors you can do it in Jacksonville. If you are a foodie, we are the place to be. Our local dining scene, fueled by local chefs that have been nationally and internationally trained, has really embraced the farm to table movement and is creating delicious southern dishes with an “Only in Jax” kick.

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